Flexi Disc Pressing

Flexi records are a fast alternative to vinyl pressing and available in small runs

Flexi records, also known as flexi discs, are 7″ grooved records pressed onto a thin flexible sheets, playable on a regular turntable. Typically used to promote singles, flexi records are more limited in their sound quality and lifespan than standard vinyl records, but easier, faster and less expensive to produce. They are a great marketing tool when combined with printed inserts. Mastertrack offers small run flexi disc pressing in runs as low as 100 units.

Customize your Flexi Records

orange square and red circle flexi disc examples

Record Shape

Circle and square flexi record shape options

Flexi disc color options

Flexi Disc Color

8 bold color options to customize your flexi discs

Flexi foil color options

Color Foil Printing

Over 30 color options, including metals, for your flexi disc printing

Printed inserts and foldovers

Optional Print

Consider printed inserts or foldovers for more impact

Flexi Records FAQs

Are flexi discs new?

Flexis have been around for decades but are very popular again, rising in demand and production along with the resurgence in vinyl records over the past 10-15 years. Early styles go back to the early 1900s, while the current flexi record format dates to the 1960s when they were used for marketing and were particularly popular as promotional inserts in magazines. Notably used by the Beatles for Christmas releases, National Geographic to distribute bird songs, and widely popular in the Soviet Union, they have a long, interesting history.

How much audio fits on a flexi record?

7″ 45 RPM flexis are great for singles, with a capacity of about 3 minutes of audio. You can get up to 6 minutes at 33 RPM, but as sound quality may be compromised this is not recommended. We suggest you contact us if you are interested in 2-sided or 33 RPM flexis.

Is there a minimum order quantity for pressing flexi records ?

Mastertrack offers short run flexi disc pressing starting at just 100 units. Our online tools make it easy to quote and order up to 1000 units in just a few minutes. If you need a larger quantity or customized packaging, please let us know.

Doesn’t it take a long time to press vinyl records?

Standard vinyl records can take many months to produce and currently take much longer due to industry capacity constraints. However, Mastertrack can press and and ship your flexi records and printed inserts in about 5 to 7 weeks. Test presses are an option with flexi orders, but would add a few weeks to your order. We also offer fast 100 and 200 unit express vinyl record packages that can be delivered in about 3 months, sometimes less.

Flexi Disc Printing?

Flexi record printing involves stamping foil in your choice of color. Note that your design is limited to a simple logo or text. Artwork should avoid small details or large solid stamping areas.


  • Use our flexi disc label template to design your artwork. Remember to remove the template layer before uploading your file. Additional artwork templates are available here
  • Use text, lines, and spaces between objects larger than 0.3mm
  • Distribute your design evenly across the stamping area of the disc
  • Submit your artwork in black
  • Submit vector artwork if possible. Outline larger images and remove gradients.
  • Use printed inserts or foldovers to include more complex images, they will show through a transparent flexi when packaged into a polybag


  • Include images with gradients, resolutions below 300 ppi, or details smaller than 0.3mm
  • Include large sections of solid or shaded artwork
  • Use text weights, sizes, or spacing smaller than 0.3mm