Custom Flexi Discs and Printing

An affordable alternative to vinyl for singles and marketing. As low as 100 units. Delivered in 4 weeks.

7" Flexi Discs – custom pressed, printed and packaged

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Flexi Disc FAQs

What is a flexi disc?

Flexi discs are grooved records pressed onto a thin flexible sheets, playable on a regular turntable. Flexi discs are more limited in their sound quality and lifespan compared to standard vinyl records. Originally popular as promotional items in magazines, they provide an affordable way to promote a single. A great marketing tool when combined with printed inserts or foldovers


How much audio fits on a flexi disc?

7″ 45 RPM flexis are great for singles, with capacity of about 3 minutes of audio. You can get up to 6 minutes at 33 RPM, but as sound quality may be compromised this is not recommended. We suggest you contact us if you are interested in 2-sided or 33 RPM flexis.


Flexi Disc Printing?

Flexi disc printing involves stamping foil in your choice of color onto the disc. Given the thin, flexible material, your design is limited to a simple logo or text. Artwork should avoid small details or large solid stamping areas.


  • Use our flexi disc label template to design your artwork. Remember to remove the template layer before uploading your file. Additional artwork templates are available here
  • Use text, lines, and spaces between objects larger than 0.3mm
  • Distribute your design evenly across the stamping area of the disc
  • Submit your artwork in black
  • Submit vector artwork if possible. Outline larger images and remove gradients.
  • Use printed inserts or foldovers to include more complex images, they will show through a transparent flexi when packaged into a polybag



  • Include images with gradients, resolution below 300 ppi, or details smaller than 0.3mm
  • Include large sections of solid or shaded artwork
  • Use text weights, sizes, or spacing smaller than 0.3mm


For more information, please contact Customer Care: • 1-844-413-2848