Convert and Digitize Video Tapes, Film & Audio Cassettes

Revitalize and modernize old content to preserve & reuse

Bring your legacy audio and video tapes into the 21st century to reuse, revitalize and make available online and in modern formats. Mastertrack converts and digitizes nearly all consumer video tapes and audio cassettes, including digitizing VHS and 8mm film, and all professional video tape formats such as U-matic, DV Cam and others. We offer end-to-end solutions to inventory, digitize and convert your audio and video tapes and store your content in a permanent digital library.

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What Video Tapes and Audio Formats Can You Digitize?

With our specialized equipment, Mastertrack digitizes most audio and video tape formats. From film reels to consumer formats like VHS and 8mm film to broadcast formats like Betacam, Umatic and DVC, we will convert your old film, audio and video tapes into your preferred digital storage format.

Pro Video Tapes

Home Videos

Film Reels

Audio Formats

Not sure what tape you have?  Check out our guide to tape formats.

What Digital Storage Formats are Available?

Mastertrack offers a variety of digital storage options to transfer your VHS and other film and audio content and free up physical storage needs and the risk of deterioration. We’ll convert your content to cloud-based or other digital format files to then be used for online downloads and streaming, duplication into modern media formats, and safe long-term storage.

Cloud Storage

Optical Disc

USB Flash Drive

Portable Drive

What Else Does Mastertrack Offer?

In addition to converting VHS tapes and 8mm film and digitizing most consumer and professional audio and video tape formats, we offer expert, full-service support. Mastertrack will develop a custom plan to convert and place your newly digitized content in the cloud and be ready for distribution. We can catalog, repair, up-res, store and author your video for DVD, Blu-ray or digital cinema. For audio, we can master it for duplication on CDs or retro formats like vinyl records. Once your files are converted, we can even recycle your old tapes and films.

Specialty Digitizing and AV Prep Services Include:

Hi Res Upgrade

Digital Cinema

Tape Repair

LTO Storage

Cloud Storage

Media Duplication

Tranfser Floppies

Video Authoring

Why Digitize Old Tapes and Film Now?

There are urgent reasons to digitize your content. Film and tapes don’t last forever, even when well stored. Magnetic tapes, celluloid film and other materials deteriorate over time. Dramatically, your entire archive could be wiped out in a flood, fire, hurricane, freeze or other natural disaster. Moreover, the drives, projectors and other playback systems for old tapes and film formats are no longer produced, most have worn out and those still in operation will begin to fail, with limited or no replacement parts or service available.

Digitizing preserves your film and tapes, and allows this content to be easily viewed, edited, repurposed, uploaded, shared and safely backed up in the cloud. Converting to digital allows your content to be revitalized for current and future generations.

Restore Legacy Audio and Video Tapes

Mastertrack understands the care required to convert old format audio, data and video tapes and film to digital files. Whether you’re sitting on a box of VHS tapes, 8mm movies or other consumer video tapes, or you’re a business storing hundreds or thousands of Betacam, DVCam, U-matic or other professional video tape formats, Mastertrack can help. We work with consumers, businesses,  governments, schools, studios, IT and marketing departments, corporate archivists and others.