Cassette Tape Duplication

Custom cassette tape duplication, printing and packaging

Mastertrack is excited to produce your customized audio cassette tape projects. We offer a wide selection of cassette shell colors, with your choice of direct imprint or full color labels, plus your choice of printed J-card inserts up to 8 full color printed panels. We also offer finishing touches like customized UPC barcodes and download cards.

Cassette Duplication

Custom cassette tapes in different shell colors.

Choice of Shell Color

Many shell color options available for your custom cassettes

Cassette duplication example images of grey, yellow, and black tape shells

On-Shell Printing

1-color cassette printing on A and B sides, with your choice of print color

Custom cassette tape example with custom printed floral label

Custom Printed Labels

Consider full color printed labels on your cassette shells at no extra cost

Cassette tape duplication packaging example

Full Color Inserts

Full color, retail ready printed cassette J-card inserts up to 8 panels

Customized Audio Products Made Easy by Mastertrack

  • Audio mastering
  • Compact disc manufacturing
  • Cassette tape duplication
  • Vinyl record pressing
  • Full-color printing and packaging
  • Download cards
  • UPC barcodes & retail finishing