Professional Blu-Ray and DVD Authoring Services

Prepare your DVDs and Blu-Ray video for duplication & replication

Video authoring prepares your video for DVD and Blu-Ray production by encoding and compressing your video source files. Authoring also lets you add audience-friendly chapters and menus, sound and other elements for navigation, visual impact and a great fan experience. We can add CSS encryption for DVD replication and create digital cinema packages as well.

Customize Your Authoring Project

DVD authoring service encodes and adds menus to your video


Add motion intros, background and design features, chapter menus

add bonus features to dvd and blu ray during video authoring

Bonus Features

Add director cuts, interviews, photo galleries & more

use video authoring to add subtitles, captions and foreign language or audio tracks

Captions & Tracks

Add language tracks and subtitles, closed captioning, bonus music tracks

dolby 5.1 surround sound tracks can be added using dvd authoring service

Surround Sound

5.1 surround sound (Dolby DTS) to support home theater viewing

Complete Optical Disc Production Services

  • Replication and short run duplication
  • Eco friendly, retail and budget packaging options
  • Audio Mastering
  • Video encoding and editing
  • Digital add-ons including CD Text and Gracenotes
  • Retail finishing options including barcodes