Short Run Vinyl Pressing...Fast!

Retail-ready vinyl records, with color printed outer sleeve and labels.

Retail-Ready 12” Vinyl Record Packages in 5-8 weeks

Our starter package with eco mix is best option for colored short run vinyl

express service is best for 100 units and quick vinyl pressing

Mastertrack starter packges is best option for expedited vinyl pressing

small run production of Eco mix colored LPs

Express Package Production Timing

Our 100 and 200 unit Express Packages are currently shipping just 5-8 weeks after you place your order. Mastertrack dedicates a portion of our capacity to support indie artists looking to produce short run vinyl albums. Indie bands and musicians have always been our core customer and we know that for many of you this is your first album or LP release.

Direct Metal Mastering (DMM)

Mastertrack records are pressed using Direct Metal Mastering (DMM), a method of cutting vinyl master stampers which help facilitate our short run vinyl production. DMM cutting lathes engrave audio directly onto a copper-plated master disc. There are several advantages to DMM: no added cost for cutting lacquer, expedited production, and some sound improvements due to the hard master disc surface, including reduced noise and groove echo.

Put Some Color into your Vinyl with “Eco Mix” – at no extra cost!

Eco Mix will be a completely random color made from leftover vinyl pressings. We offer the Eco Mix option at the same price as standard black vinyl and it is available with our small run vinyl pressing service for 100 and 200 units. This is your best option to get color vinyl without the extra cost, order size or production time of a larger run pressing.

Eco mix color examples - 12" and 7"


Eco Mix vinyl sound quality is comparable to standard black or color pressings and you will not likely hear any difference. While may be some variation between each vinyl record, the Eco Mix color is generally consistent within a single pressing run. However, please note that you cannot choose your Eco Mix color, so there is no guarantee as to what color Eco Mix will come out. If you want a specific color, we offer many in our Standard Packages starting at 250+ units.