Digitize Video & Audio Tape, Film & More Media

Digitize your tapes & film, preserve your media assets, and re-imagine and re-use.

Your legacy media is likely over 15 years old. Magnetic Video & Audio tape deteriorates, film shrinks and discolors over the years. It’s time to act. Mastertrack’s team of digitization experts helps you preserve your media for use in a new digital era.

We Accept Most Old Formats for Digital Conversion

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  • Video Editing
  • Digital Cinema Package
  • Tape Repair & Mold Remediation
  • Old data formats -tapes, floppy discs, JAZZ, Zip drives and more
  • Cloud and LTO storage programs
  • High Res Upgrades: Mastertrack can up-resolution your standard definition video to 1080p high definition files.
  • Digital Cinema Package: the new standard for film-projecting movie theatres. Mastertrack will make a Digital Cinema Package of your next theatre release for screening and film festivals. 
  • Cloud Storage: Send us your Hard Drives, Data Tapes, USBs, CDs, DVDs, JAZZ, Zip, Floppy Discs, etc. Mastertrack will sort and upload to the cloud quickly and efficiently.