Media Digitization

Digitize film, video, tape & more

Your tapes and films are likely over a decade old. You may not have a machine for playback, but the content remains important to you or your organization. Film and video & audio tapes discolor and deteriorate each year, so it’s time to act.

Digitizing your tapes & film preserves your media assets and gives you easy access to this precious content. View, share, edit, repurpose and archive your digitized audio and videos on hard drive, flash drives, discs or in the cloud.  Work with Mastertrack for complete solutions to recover and manage your audio and video content.

We Accept Most Old Formats for Digital Conversion

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  • Video Authoring
  • Digital Cinema Package
  • Tape Repair & Mold Remediation
  • Old data formats -tapes, floppy discs, JAZZ, Zip drives and more
  • Cloud and LTO storage programs